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Friday, February 24, 2006

The ACLU, the Parties and Christianity, etc

The ACLU has often been maligned but I have found that they protect my right to exist peacfully better than Pat Robertson. Can I have your views on the ACLU and christianity please? - Gauis Texas Sat, 18 Feb 2006 11:01:42 -0600

I must confess that I'm as conflicted about the ACLU in much the same way as I am about the Republican and the Democratic parties. The Apostles of old, I guess, would have loved the ACLU's attempt to level the playing field to allow everyone to pursue their objectives without interference or help from the government. They actually filed a brief on behalf of a pastor from the south who was denied the right to baptize in a river by a public park

Perhaps this organization has helped protect the rights of us minorities. However, I'm not sure their motives just end at the stated noble mission. Most of their law suits seem to misproportionally target the "freedom" christians enjoy; or it may appear so because the laws of the land for a long time were written or interpreted to our advantage.

Hence my dilemma about the ACLU. For some christians, its a blasphemy to be a democrate given their support for abortions, gay rights etc. My church, during the last elections, presented information that was obviously crafted to compel or convince us to vote for president Bush, short of outright endorsement.

In the book of Isaiah when God stated His displeasure for their fast, it wasn't about the "big" sins, but the denial of the worker his due wages, the failure to care for the widow, alien, the poor etc. Does the opposition against abortion define a christian?. How do we claim to care about the unborn when we pay little attention to those alive? How come lots of religious blacks more democratic?

The Democrats, on the other hand, excuse every immoral act and by intention or design, make people under acheivers. I guess people may see Christ-in-us from different perspectives. I pray for the emergence of a party or group of people who while upholding righteousness, understand the role of grace, mercy, kindness etc in uplifting every human life born or unborn to their full potential predestined by the one God who created all mankind. This is my only wish in our fallen state. Gauis Chicago Sat, 18 Feb 2006 17:18:54 -0500

The ACLU doesn't bother me. I actually agree with them more often than I disagree. I think they are doing their own thing. We should be doing our own thing, which is evangelism, too. No one is blocking us from that. Gauis Phoenix 22 February 2006 07:22:46

I share G Chicago's conflicts about the ACLU. There is no doubt in my mind that if
Gauis Columbus (most pure in heart) is ever brought up before the Sheriff of his small town on trumped up drug charges, it will be the ACLU calling for justice while some local "conservative" talk show host pronounces him guilty before his trial and goes on to demand the expulsion of all foreigners to Canada.

Regarding the parties, I recently watched a program on Reconstruction after the Civil War and the abolition of slavery and was surprised to find that it was the democrats in the south who resisted giving equal rights to blacks and rather it was the republicans, mainly in the north who advocated those rights. How things have changed and now it is Democratic party which is perceived as a friend of the underdog. I think we should be very careful about painting the main parties into categories and rather we should look at prevailing situations as well as the overall picture in deciding as individuals who to support. Gauis Pittsburgh 22 February 2006 23:20:59


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