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Thursday, November 01, 2007


All is well here in the southwest. The 100 degree weather is at an end and I can begin to shed some of that retardant called melanin.

We recently took individual office pictures and when it got to my turn I politely pointed out to the photographer that the background being used was black. The obroni photographer vociferously urged me on saying that it was not going to be a problem. I however stood my ground and finally they had to unwind a white projector screen for my benefit.

After the first picture with the new background I heard her grunt and say, "Uh, I think we need some more light". She promptly doubled the amount of lumens and got a more satisfactory picture with the end statement "I will use the edit menu to get that shine of your forehead, you can go now".

There was a very polite and undignified silence as I left the room. My exit was neat and very quick. I did not turn around even once to see what was going on. I felt dissatisfied with the whole encounter and wonder if I should have said something. Anyway, I thank God I did not trip over some loose wire as I left. There are more pressing issues than undesirable mugshots. Have a blessed and safe fall and winter. We shall return to more important and Eternal matters shortly. - Alien Warrior

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