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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Introducing Dr Annang Asumang's new book

available for purchase here

The New Testament book of Hebrews is both exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. Many readers are challenged by its stirring language, yet at the same time, many are puzzled by deeply doctrinal part of the book with its arguments based on Old Testament imagery and also by the dire warnings.

Each block of the expositions in Hebrews is circumscribed in a particular space. Heb 1 is located in Heaven, Heb 2 in the World, and Heb 5-10 in Heaven and the Holy of Holies. The exhortations of Hebrews are, on the other hand, focused on movement. That of Hebrews 2 describes staying firm and not drifting, that of Heb 3-4 describes entering, and that of Heb 11-13 describes various movements such as coming, running, travelling etc.

By using a Bible Study method called Spatial Analysis, Dr Asumang, a medical doctor, Bible teacher and a contributor to this blog, shows how the various themes of Hebrews fit together to make one whole message. He also shows how the Old Testament Book of Numbers sheds considerable light on Hebrews.

Chapters of this book include:
What is the problem with Hebrews?
Spatial Analysis of a Bible Text,
Spatial Analysis of the Exposition of Hebrews,
Spatial Analysis of the Exhortations
Hebrews, Discipleship and the Metaphor of Migration

Anyone seeking to understand Hebrews will indeed find this book of to be of immense help and a blessing. - Robbo

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