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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Politics of God

I visited a Church a few weeks ago and the Pastor preached on the topic, "Is God a Republican?" and he made some points which I believe are useful and relevant for us to ponder as Christians, especially with the impending elections in the USA and also in Ghana. Briefly, here are some of his preaching points,

1. The Spirit of God is moving and continues to move in every land, irrespective of the type of government or who the President is. The growth of the church in communist China attests to this.

2. God does not endorse any political party. He added that God's preferred type of government is a theocracy, not a democracy.

3. Abraham Lincoln made a comment like this during the Civil War, "Both the North and the South read the same Bible, and pray to the same God; and each invoke His aid against the other."

4. We need to avoid overzealousness in our support of any person or party because, no human system has the ability to change the human heart"

5. Our government and President is a reflection of the state of the people and if we are dissatisfied, then we need pray and to evangelize to change the spiritual state of the people.

6. The Gospel is more powerful than any government or politician and God's plan transcends all other agendas

7. We need to avoid fear of a particular government or persons eroding our religious freedom because, "God's plan and the Gospel message have outlived some of the worst political environments". He added that we name our children after the Peter, John etc., but our dogs after Nero, Caesar etc.

8. Finally, what should be the Christian's role in politics?
- vote and act on principles, not party
- strive for unity not polarization
- pray for those in power.

I liked the message and I hope you all benefit for this summary- KOO

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